19. apríla 2024

A manifesto of NGOs from the CEI region to collaborate on women’s empowerment in response to the impact of the war in Ukraine

We, the undersigned, draw attention by this manifesto to the professional and personal potential of Ukrainian women – immigrants who had to leave their country. These women lost their homes as well as their occupation and now find themselves in a situation where their potential is not fully utilized. It is extremely strategic for the receiving country to give them a chance to a full-fledged life in a country in which they found protection from the war threatening their country.

Thank you for your kind attention to this urgent problem!

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Lenka Štastná, Busines and Professional Women z.s., Czech Republic

Ivana Kondas, Združenie podnikateliek a manažérok, Slovakia

Tamara Petrovic, Best-seller, Serbia

Edina Seleskovic, Radio Kameleon, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Evgenia Pekaj, Epsilon CH – OOD, Bulgaria

Karolina Pisz, Fundacja Laboratorium Zmiany, Poland

Eszter Szabo, Human Epsilon Resources, Hungary

Monika Rizovska, Women in Tech, Northern Macedonia

Elisabetta Gregoric, International Federation of Business and Professional Women – Tergeste Venezia Giulia Club, Italy

Elena Tupulova, AMIGA, Ukraine

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